MINIFLAM [kW 29 209]  
Tecnopan G6 Tecnopan G10 Tecnopan G18 Chef G5 Chef G6

This burners series has been produced to work on bakery and rotary ovens. The customers of this series are commercial kitchens , big hotels and restaurants.
They feature the same main characteristics of the standard burners plus the possibility to manually decrease the output up to 40% on light oil burners, and up to 50% on gas burners.
On the burner case we have installed an ON/OFF switch and a switch to regulate the output.
These burners are equipped with a double protection shield and a blast tube in thermalsteel for high temperature operation.

Type Model Power kw Electrical alimentation Motore 2800 g/1' kW
min. max.
Tecnopan G6 G-.TN.x.IT.B.- 29 70 230V 1N ac 0.1
Tecnopan G10 G-.TN.x.IT.B.- 58 116 230V 1N ac 0.15
Tecnopan G18 G-.TN.x.IT.B.- 105 209 230V 1N ac 0.18
Chef G5 G-.TN.S.IT.D.- 29 35 230V 1N ac 0.1
Chef G6 G-.TN.S.IT.D.- 29 70 230V 1N ac 0.1

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